We are still accepting sign-ups for Winter/Spring. Click CSA for more details. Summer/Fall Sign-ups begin April 15th. Our CSA replaced the Farm Store.  
Farm Store Pickup

In addition to being just a flat out good deal, here are a few reasons why we feel that our CSA Subscription model is a great fit for individual people and families:


By choosing to support our Community Supported Agriculture program, you make a very powerful commitment to purchase sustainably grown produce that positively impacts our local economy, personal health, and our planet. 


The CSA model helps to keep sustainable farming a viable way of life for small-scale family farms that are increasingly threatened by large-scale agribusiness.  Family farms that work with LFC farm an average of 3-4 acres.




Farming is a tradition in Northeastern PA and Upstate NY and has been inherited by many of the farmers who work with LFC.  There are also many younger farmers who wish to carry on this tradition and by purchasing a CSA share you help ensure that this tradition can be passed down to future generations of family farms.


At the grocery store, sustainable grown produce is often marked up 50-150% and most of it isn't grown locally!!  The CSA model connects people directly with local family farmers and the prices that you will be receiving are more comparable to wholesale prices. 




Farms that work with LFC use sustainable farming practices, we seek relationships with family farms that employ agricultural practices that help preserve our incredible natural resources!!


The produce we offer is grown on some of the best soils in our region, mostly because of the practices used by the family farms we work with.  By purchasing a CSA share with LFC, you and your family make a commitment to eat fresh, sustainably grown for 26 weeks out of the year, that's six months!  Increasing your daily consumption of fresh produce is proven to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and Type II Diabetes, as well as giving you a good boost in energy for whatever you do during your day!!


Another perk of getting a CSA share with LFC is that you have access to many other local farm fresh foods through our Farm Store.  You can now realistically get about 75% of the food your household consumes from local and sustainable family farms.


What Our Memebers Say

"We love getting fresh veggies and fruits from local farms. The quality and variety is great, and we're always excited to see what's in our box each week. And if there's something unfamiliar, the newsletter has delicious recipe recommendations."


Meghan Dombrink-Green, CSA Member

"First I am so grateful to have found the LFC team and their mission. I believe strongly in the CSA movement but I've never heard of a multi farm CSA. Honestly it's better than traditional CSA. Plus I've gotten to meet so many wonderful people that are part of the company, farmers that contribute and I've been able to learn how I can start to produce more of my own food. I've had some culinary adventures with the share items (chocolate beet cake anyone?) I love learning how to use what I have, what's in season. Also with the meat box we have stepped into the world of local beef, I'm never going back! We've been able to keep our fridge and freezer stocked with local items, only braving the grocery store for milk and rice. (And lately I've been going to the mill market anyway!) I find I'm actually affording this lifestyle quite comfortably also which surprised me. The portions are great for our small family! I'm sure I could go on and on but most importantly thank you for what you do and keep up the great work!"


Kari Peters, CSA Member


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